I love photography.

It's been a passion of mine through my adult life, and a passport to many experiences I never would have had if not for my camera. I've met fantastic people, been to extraordinary places and never lost the thirst to do and see more. I've been witness to the happiest day in peoples lives, and seen the dignity and good humour of people who's lives are much tougher than my own, and all because of that little light tight box in my hand.
And yet photography is elusive. I still have a passion to improve, no matter how good the picture or how happy the client, I've never rested on my laurels. When I look at my portfolio, my first question is "How can I make this better?". I still lay awake at night planning my next shoot in my head, and have never arrived at a job without butterflies in my stomach, and a spring in my step, as that may be the day I take the photo that tops all my others.
In my spare time I'm always experimenting, finding new or better ways to shoot a portrait, trying new technology or traditional techniques anything to stretch myself, and add some new understanding to my work.

Photography is my job, my hobby and my passion and I hope that shows in my work.

 My interest in photography started in the early nineties when I worked in commercial film production.  I was working in the production office and wanted to understand more about cinematography, so borrowed and old SLR  and set about trying to understand the mysteries of photography.
It didn't take me long to realise and I soon made the decision to pursue stills photography as a career and enrolled  in the postgraduate photojournalism course at Cardiff University. That was the beginning of the journey that has led me here.
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